I’m sat here, in my office, wondering how I should be feeling.  It’s been about a year of several professionals in various industries nagging me to get this blog started so here we are…I hear the distinct absence of the drum-roll; instead, I hear the sounds of the hubby tinkering around in the kitchen and the dog barking to be fed.

So what has led me here?

Well it all started in June, 2007.   I had what you might call an awakening of sorts and it led to the creation of the Zeek Series.  It was something that came to me at the time because I was becoming increasingly frustrated with what I saw was going on around me: the consciousness of the public was clearly being manipulated by the media and the government.

Aren’t I just being paranoid?

No, really.  Well, I wanna start with mainstream media.  We can come to government later.

But…really?  How can I prove that?

Well,  I can start by talking about my experiences…



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