When you begin to break through the paradigm you were born into, you will experience the true nature of reality.  However, you need to do one of several things:

1) Re-learn everything you were taught.

2) Turn off your TV and stop reading newspapers.

3) Get rid of toxicity in your life: from friends to diets.

4) Meditate if you can or feel you need to.

5) Follow what is deep in your heart.

There are many more things you can do but this is just a start.



How can you tell that you are living in a Dystopian world?

1) Nobody seems to care about what happens to the world around them.

2) People only seem to care about what the media is telling them to think.

3) People can’t think independently or critically.

4) People are spoon-fed and no longer question anything they are being told.

5) Governments take away your liberties but you know more about Miley Cyrus because that’s all that the media is covering!


Can you think of any more?