Writing targets: help or hindrance?

As a writer, I’m sure you would agree that setting some targets is a necessity.  Self-imposed or not, deadlines are essential in order to stay on top of the writing.  Due to my work schedule, I have often found that I will begin a project (usally during the school holidays) and write as much as I can before returning to it later, with fresh eyes.

I am currently trying to finish off the second half of the novel and I think that setting targets are the only thing that are going to get me to finish it.  Being a lover of lists, I think it’s the only way for me to go.

Having said that, I love the fact that I am now at the point where I can simply sit back and enjoy writing the story instead of worrying about the practicalities of getting it finished.

What’s your experience?

I would love to hear your thoughts.



5 thoughts on “Writing targets: help or hindrance?

  1. I’m a huge list gal myself..I set up targets and then something comes along to push it out…and then it gets pushed out some more…so instead of being disappointed in myself, which inevitably happens…I’ve decided to just take each day as it is. I know I’m an author and I love what I’m writing and I’m doing it more for myself than for the big “payoff”…that seems to make the difference. But I’m still mad at myself that I missed my deadline!! ha ha…hey, your social media is odd today…I hit like and it took me straight to Facebook..?…I also hit twitter and g+ and it doesn’t show up…however, that part happens for me no matter whose page I’m on…I need to look into that already…yet another target I’ve postponed!

    1. I must admit; it is difficult to maintain at first but, once you grow accustomed to it, everything becomes that little bit easier. I think some people perform better under pressure. I just don’t have the luxury to not make targets because my schedule is always packed to the rafters. There are moments when I just take it as it comes; I think that’s my way of relaxing. I’m gonna try and fix the social media widgets. Don’t know what’s wrong with them. Good to hear your thoughts; by the way, have you had a chance to read the synopsis??

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