Are Sequels Really Necessary?

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“When did the need for series and/or sequels start, anyway? I’ve been reading Diana Wynne Jones’ REFLECTIONS ON WRITING, and she isn’t shy about sharing her thoughts on series arcs (that is, she didn’t like them). If memory serves, out of the gazillion books she wrote, only three, maybe four had sequels. Even in the Chrestomanci series, Chrestomanci himself is not always a primary character. Granted, I’m working on a series myself, and feel good about this decision. I’m just wondering how many stand-alone stories the publishing world takes on vs. sure-fire series stories. I hope that makes sense.” -jeanleesworld

So we have a two-part question here. First, when did the need for series and/or sequels start? Pretty much since writing became a serious business, but probably more so since it became a very cutthroat business. Let me explain…

For one, you can write a stand alone book if you…

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