Some dumb questions writers are often asked…

I thought I’d put together a shortlist of the questions and comments that friends, family and colleagues often direct at writers.  Well, from my own experience anyway…………………..

1) ”What are you writing about?”  (Fair enough, I’ll let that slide)

2) ”Are you writing the next Harry Potter?” (Or some variation, therefore….)

3) ”You might become rich and famous.”  (Really?  Really?  Is that what you think motivates writers?)

4) ”Are you writing about me?” or, ‘”Am I in it?” (Double-U Tee Eff?)

5) ”Did you do a lot of research for that?” (I’ll let that one slide too…)

6) ”How long have you been writing for?” (Reasonable, reasonable….good question, actually)

7) ”Do you write in English?”  (No, seriously….?)

8) ”Have you finished your novel yet?” or, better still, ”What’s happening with that?”  (We’re not all performing monkeys sitting at a typewriter!)

9) ”Yeah, you need inspiration to write.”  (*sigh*)

10) ”Have you seen The Matrix?”  (or any other title, mid-way through explaining the story….again, *sigh*)


2 thoughts on “Some dumb questions writers are often asked…

  1. Ha, Ha….cheers, hun….I don’t think the widgets show your reposts…I’m not too sure if they are just that way or not. It does show the amount of shares etc. Thanks so much again for sharing. You’re amazing. 😉

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