When writers support each other…

Enn Kae

Writing can be – is – an isolating experience.  As a new writer, you live in a fog of self-imposed uncertainty which leaves you wondering ”Am I doing the right thing?”  – ”Who do I think I am, trying to make it as a writer?” etc etc.

So, it makes a world of difference when you meet other writers who are either in the same boat as you or are already established and are supporting other writers.

Trust me, it makes a world of difference….

I have been fortunate, blessed and lucky to have met some really great people via social media who have spurred me on to try an accomplish what I am trying to achieve.

Most notably, June – author of the Benjamin McTish series who I met through James Coglin  – both very wonderful spirits who have been supporting and mentoring me throughout my journey.  I shall…

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4 thoughts on “When writers support each other…

  1. You’re the sweetest ever! It’s easy to help someone as awesome as yourself…!! You are very important to me and I’m so glad we found each other across the many miles…thx Coglin!!

    1. No, you are … you, you, you 😉 Thanks for saying so! I’m working on a marketing plan today…Have been up all week early to finish off some curriculum development stuff for work; thankfully, now into a routine of marketing and writing every evening. Following your advice. 😉

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