My big idea about publishing

Okay, so I’ve hatched a plan.

I’m going to bin my search for a traditional publisher for the time being, after reading about a miniscule return on every $5 book sale.


Is it really worth putting all my energies into getting a book deal when you are still expected to do your own marketing anyway?

Is the publishing industry really telling authors to go it alone?  I see no incentive in approaching a traditional publisher other than to keep the ”how I got signed up” myth running.

I will tell you what my motivation to write is: to entertain my readers and to make them think – in a world where critical thinking has been removed from every vestige of society.

Okay – so how passionate am I about my work?  Extremely.

How much time and energy do I intend on putting into marketing and getting my work out there?  A lot more time that I had last year!  So, quite a lot.

Am I going to get where I want to be?  Yes!

How do I know that?  I just do.

So what is my plan?

1) Social media, obviously

2) Blogging and blog tours

3) Getting my work noticed; making contacts with other people in the same field

4) Entering my work into competitions.

I am still relectant to stop making my first 2 titles available for free.  I think it’s a valuable way to get the word out because, I believe, the quality of writing has to speak for itself.  If you are interested, you can get them here for free:

So – I hope you would like to join me on this journey and I hope you enjoy the books.

😉   😉   😉   😉


One thought on “My big idea about publishing

  1. You’ve definitely put some thought into this. I self-publish through Amazon and build a reputation through social media (Twitter and Facebook currently). I’ve learned that self-promoting can only take you so far and building a body of work has to come first. Best wishes.

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