Celebrating 150 years of Alice in Wonderland

Please take time to check this out:

Summary of Event:

”To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the ever beloved Alice in Wonderland, on behalf of Leap Books, I introduce to you….Beware The Little White Rabbit.
Every day a couple new short interviews will be added to the list (didn’t want to hit you over the head on the first day), and another chance to add your name to the rafflecopter.   Follow along down the rabbit hole…tis very curious indeed…”

– See more at: http://www.benjaminmctish.blogspot.nl/#sthash.DwL5YikA.dpu

Back on it today!

I’ve finally got my work in order….it’s my day off from work and, for the first time, I am not working (I’m a lecturer….work never ends).

I’ve been developing computer software for the past 6 months which is aimed at easing my workload so that I could have more time to write and blog and, I’m happy to say, that I finally have my one day off – free from work!

So, I hope you are also writing; or have made time to write, if you are struggling.

Above all…enjoy!

The sun is out and I’m going to sit in the garden and type, type, type away.