Getting back in the saddle

Wow!  The last time I checked that I was on here, it was 2 months ago.  I was feverishly working away to try and get to the end of the academic year and, just like that, 2 months evaporated into thin air! Sometimes, I feel like I’m in the 5th dimension and time-space just doesn’t work in the same way as it used to.  So, here I am again, trying to get some blogging and writing done and marketing done.  Let’s see if I can do it consistently this time!



2 thoughts on “Getting back in the saddle

  1. nice to see you…and we all go through the same thing..I promise…just like I haven’t gotten to your manuscript yet…it’s a whirl wind over here…I’m in need of some serious down time from all the distractions that have been popping up literally daily..and not good ones, like dogs having seizures for gods’ sake!!…and hey! why am I not on your blogs to follow list!! I see you’ve added two that I follow and report on regularly…how’s that work being a bestie and all? ha ha…love you madly!

    1. Don’t worry about the manuscript. I’ve had 2 weeks out of my 7 off work already and I can say that I am positively bored. Understand you are busy so don’t worry about it. I am following one of your blogs through wordpress but I will follow your main one too. Thanks for reminding. Thanks for taking the time out to comment, out of your busy schedule. Enjoy your summer. Speak soon. Hugs and kiss. 😉

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