Watching without questioning

We watch, bated breath, for their next event;
Never questioning their existence but just knowing they exist.
They represent a religion and they are killing for a state.
Tonight, the latest in their quest for a stake:

The TV feeds us what we do need to know;
Fear, fear, fear is here and it’s here to stay.
Don’t question anything, people, just let it play.
We will tell you what you indeed need to know.

The story continues, the beginning has passed us,
We’re in the middle but when will this end?

A leader in the East, an emerging super-power,
Interrupts the story, to wake us up in these hours:
”ISIS is funded by G20 countries.”
Nobody listens, the TV doesn’t repeat.
It’s fallen on deaf ears and buried between the sheets.

The news is on repeat, newspapers fill up their pages:
Fear, fear, fear. Fear is their sage.
Don’t question anything, you hear?
We will tell you when you are safe.

Flags for pictures, flags at half-mast
The story is supported
But, by the next week,
Everything’s passed.

We soldier on, what will happen next?
Real-world events with no real human concern.
This is a soap-opera, on TV and in text.
What is the truth and what can we discern?

In the background, behind the set,
The supporting characters are neglected yet:
The other victims of this farce, too numerous in amount,
They don’t take centre-stage, they’re too foreign to count.

They wash up on beaches or are sunken offshore,
They march through to Europe, the heart of it all,
Where decisions have been made, the G20 countries,
To fund the perpetrators and their cronies.

So, go and tell it to someone who cares.
I’m happy with the Daily Mail, the BBC and their friends.
They’ll tell me what’s real, that we are right,
That we had no part in this and that we must fight.

So, turn down the volume or change the channel,
We don’t want the truth, just something for us to swallow.
The Iraq Invasion wasn’t popular so we needed a new thread,
Just in case they got bored of it, fell asleep and to bed.

It’s time to wake up, the story has ended,
For some, at least, for others it’s just amended.
What tomorrow will bring is for us to decide.
We have to question everything in order to survive.


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